Our American Flag on Interstate-81

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Why is there an American Flag flying over I-81 outside of Harrisonburg, VA?

At Dean Steel Erectors, we are proud of our country and we want to spread the joy of the American Flag with our community. We hope that seeing this brightens your day.

We are proud to be an American Steel Erection company. Contact us for all of your steel erection needs, crane rental needs, and more.

What People Are Saying

“Thank you Dean Steel Erectors for displaying such a magnificent American flag on Veterans Day!! I saw your flag from 81 as I was driving to Roanoke. My dad served in the Army during the Korean War. Our flag stands for so much and is such a beautiful symbol of freedom and pride. You made my day and drive today!
God Bless!”

— Carol L.

“I’m a proud mother of a currently active duty son in the Air Force and just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful flag display🇺🇸 I go up I-81 every morning at 5am and to see it in all its glory is so special to me…thank you again.”

— Linda